Injector Book

Taunton Model Engineers are pleased to publish a new book
"All You Need to Know about Miniature Injectors and Ejectors".

This has been produced in collaboration with Bob Bramson, C.Eng., MIET, who over the past 10 years has developed a profound knowledge of the key factors affecting miniature injector design, construction, installation and operation through practical experiments and tests. At varying times he has given presentations on the progress made and lessons learned to a number of model engineering societies (including the Society of Model & Experimental Engineers of which Bob is a member) and had an article published in "Engineering In Miniature" magazine.

Taunton ME were so impressed with a presentation on the latest developments in early 2013 that the Club decided to publish this book in view of the keen interest shown in the subject then and at other clubs aware of Bob's work. The aim has been to provide model engineers with the benefits of a single point of reference giving guidance not only on the technical requirements for successfully making injectors but also the essential lessons to be followed for satisfactory operation in service. We hope you find it helpful.

Copies are available at £8.00 each to UK addresses and £10.00 each to overseas addresses. This price includes postage and packing.

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