Simple TME Buffer

Simple buffers


This is a buffer suitable for an 8’ long bogie vehicle with a head large enough to prevent buffer locking. It is a very simply made fabrication from bar and flat stock and contains only five components.

The TME Standard Buffer

In working on the stock for our new track, the subject of buffers has arisen. Dumb buffers were considered but it was felt that we could do better than that and this specification was determined. They must he spring loaded and railway like, must not allow buffer lock but must he simple to build with the minimum possible effort expended in their manufacture. With that in mind, this design was evolved.

The design uses stock bar for the shanks and a brazed fabrication process to assemble the bits. The heads have been made big enough to prevent buffer-locking between long bogie vehicles and are round to simplify manufacture and negate the need to prevent them from rotating in use. The faces are made from 1/8” sheet and then pressed to shape in order to avoid tediously turning them from solid bar. This can be done in a large vice.

The back plates of the stocks are square and then bored to locate the stock. This makes brazing very simple.

The whole lot is then assembled using stiff springs. Many buffers use very light springs but if they are to do any good when stopping l cwt of empty bogie vehicle they need to be stiff such that they cannot be compressed in one hand.

The club vehicles are now in service and the photographs show them fitted with the TME standard buffer.

Drawings, 1 sheet: £2- Incl P&P

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